care AF is a support programme for patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) which provides access to information for patients who need to feel supported in their treatment journey.

Following an update of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guideline for AF (June 2014), one of the key priorities for implementation in the guidelines is a ‘personalised package of care’ for patients. In particular the new guideline recommends support and education on causes, effects and possible complications of AF, management of rate and rhythm control, practical advice on anticoagulation and psychological support if needed.

To address this need to personalise support, Bayer HealthCare have worked in collaboration with an expert panel of healthcare professionals specialising in AF as well as the AF Association, and patient representatives to develop the care AF patient support programme.

What is included?

As well as this website, the care AF patient support programme consists of a comprehensive set of materials, designed in a patient-friendly, easy to understand style that will include all of the information patients need to support them throughout their treatment journey. There are two resources which you can share with your patients:

The care AF patient pack – This has been designed in a modular format so patients can navigate through the sections easily, information includes:

  • AF explained - what is AF, its causes and symptoms
  • Stroke and AF - detailed information on stroke and how AF is a risk factor
  • Management of AF - practical advice on effective management and different treatment options
  • Patient stories - understanding how other patients live with the condition
  • Healthy living - tips for good heart health, including nutrition advice, exercise tips and managing stress
  • Additional sources of information
  • FAQs
  • Glossary of terms

The care AF diary - The diary enables patients to keep a record of their medication and follow-up appointments, as well as track their progress on a regular basis. INR values can be noted and tracked over time, and it is important that you fill in a patients target INR when you give them the pack.

2014 NICE Guidelines

2014 NICE AF guideline key priorities for implementation:

  1. Personalised package of care and information
  2. Referral for specialised management
  3. Assessment of stroke and bleeding risks
  4. Interventions to prevent stroke
  5. Rate and rhythm control

Order care AF patient packs

We encourage you to order patient packs and diaries and share them with your patients.

You can use this form to order care AF patient packs and diaries.

care AF patient packs and diaries will be available from September 2014 and any packs or diaries ordered prior to this date will be sent out week commencing 1st September.